Step to Buy

Step 1: Choose Your Dream Car
Go through the website of our company, search for a vehicle you need and desire to buy.
Go to Stock-List Select Country Select Brand Select Car
Step 2: Contact our sales staff
Contact our sales staff and confirm the availability of the unit.

PAWAN                     +81 70 2674 4785 ( Russian, English & Hindi )
VIKAS                       +81 80 1906 3973 ( English, Hindi ( FOR AFRICA ENQUIRY) )

Step 3: Ask your queries about the car staff
Ask your queries about the car and fix the car price with our sales staff.
Price Kilometer Year Condition
Step 4: Send us consignee details
Send us consignee details. We send you an invoice.
Step 5: Make Your Payment
After receiving the invoice, customers are required to make full payment by T.T. (Telegraphic Transfer) in advance to the bank account mentioned on the invoice.
Step 6: Tracking Your Shipping
Once we receive the payment, we ship your car and send you the BL.
Beware of Websites, SNS, E-Mails and Invoices impersonating Our Company

It is confirmed that there are websites, SNS, E-Mails and Invoices falsely using Compamy’s name or names deceptively similar to Our Company.

Please note that our company is not related to them at all.

The website of our company is "".

If you did not find a required unit, , send us an inquiry. We will get back to you with our best offers.
Auction sheet explanation
Read carefully the auction sheet. In the auctions, cars are graded as following:
Grade General Condition of Vehicle
5 Almost new vehicle. No repair history. No repair needed on vehicle. Usually only given to vehicles less than 3 years old
4.5 Vehicle is in excellent condition. No slight scratches or dents.
4 Vehicle in good condition, few scratches/dents due to normal wear as you would get with any normal vehicle
3.5 Vehicle has a few scratches or dents visibly. The grade is usually given to a vehicle in average condition
3 Various scratches or dents, some paint blemishes
RA Vehicle has been in MINOR accident. It has been repaired to an acceptable standard
R/A/0 A vehicle which has been in an accident where some parts have been repaired or replaced
*** Accident damaged vehicle however has not been repaired. Vehicle may have engine problems
Interior condition
A Interior is like new Acceptable
B Clean interior. No damaged parts Acceptable
C Interior need cleaning. Small damages Acceptable
D Bad interior, damages. Need repairing Not Acceptable